PRASUN.SOLAR is committed to providing you with reliable, efficient, and cost-effective SOLAR solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


Advances in energy storage, grid integration, and smart technologies enhance the reliability and scalability of renewable energy systems.

Environmental Benefits

Renewable sources like SOLAR, WIND, and HYDROELECTRIC power produce little to no greenhouse gas emissions, helping to mitigate climate change and reduce air pollution.

Resource Sustainability

Renewable energy sources such as sunlight, wind, and water are continuously replenished, making them sustainable in the long term.

Who we are

Harnessing the power of the sun to create a sustainable and clean future

We are here to instruct and alter the ‘Energy Usage’ ideas all over the planet. Laid out as a notable EPC Organization in the Indian subcontinent, PRASUN.SOLAR, we are passionate about revolutionizing the way we power our world. With a deep commitment to sustainability and innovation, we specialize in harnessing the power of the sun to create clean, renewable energy solutions for homes, businesses, and industries.

Renewable Energy

Start Saving and Generating Energy Now

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Our value


We are constantly exploring new technologies and solutions to improve SOLAR Energy utilization.

Our Vision

Sustainable Energy Solutions.

Our vision is a world powered by clean, renewable energy, where sustainability is the norm, and future generations can thrive in a healthy environment.

Our Mission


Our mission is to make SOLAR Energy accessible, affordable, and reliable for everyone. We strive to empower individuals and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint, save on energy costs, and contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.

Learn About solar

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

SOLAR energy is the most abundant and renewable source of energy available to us, harnessed directly from the sun’s rays. We are passionate about leveraging this incredible resource to create sustainable and clean energy solutions.

How SOLAR Energy Works

Years of Experience

Live Green, Love Green, Think Green.

We provide Consultancy & EPC Services for SOLAR Power Projects and have initiated Education & Training Program in Renewable Energy Sciences. We do third party inspection and O&M for SOLAR projects

Residential SOLAR Solutions

Transform your home into an energy-efficient heaven with our residential SOLAR solutions. From rooftop SOLAR panels to SOLAR water heating systems, we offer a range of products to help you reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

Commercial SOLAR Solutions

Maximize your business's energy efficiency and minimize operating costs with our commercial SOLAR solutions. Whether you're looking to install SOLAR panels on your office building or integrate SOLAR-powered lighting systems, we have the expertise to meet your unique needs.

Industrial SOLAR Solutions

Enhance your industrial operations with our customized SOLAR solutions. From SOLAR-powered equipment to off-grid solar systems, we provide sustainable energy solutions tailored to the demands of your industry.

What we offer

ONE Point Solution For All Your Needs

We help you to harness SOLAR Energy to produce Electrical and Thermal Power for Homes, Businesses, Industries and Investors.

SOLAR PV Power Plants

 PRASUN.SOLAR’S team of experienced experts can provide Consultation, Engineering, Procurement, Installation, Operation & Maintenance of SOLAR PV Plants.

SOLAR For Agriculture

PRASUN.SOLAR can provide consultation as well as all your agritech equipment’s to run on  DC or AC, power generated from SOLAR for both irrigation as well as drinking water needs.

Energy Efficient Lighting

LED Lights are not fragile like old tungsten lights or CFL made up of glass. LED is most effecting and most economical lighting solution available so far.


Key reasons why your SOLAR power plant engineered and installed by PRASUN.SOLAR is a lifetime asset for you


With years of experience in the SOLAR industry, our team brings unmatched expertise to every project.


We use top-of-the-line SOLAR technology and equipment to ensure reliable and efficient Energy solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to deliver exceptional service and support at every step.


By choosing SOLAR Energy Utilization, you join us in the global effort to combat climate change and promote sustainable living.


Client Feedback & Reviews

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Keep your environment clean make the earth green.

National Certification Programme for Rooftop SOLAR Photovoltaic Installer


National Certification Programme for Rooftop SOLAR Photovoltaic Installer

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Our mission is to provide affordable and robust Energy solutions and products which are self-sustainable. Our philosophy...


Our mission is to provide affordable and robust Energy solutions and products which are self-sustainable. Our philosophy...
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Ready to embrace the power of the sun? Contact PRASUN.SOLAR today to discover how SOLAR Energy can benefit you and our planet.

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